A major milestone today, I have now been physically converting the van for one year, and we are not that far off completion, as shown by the fact that near enough my sole task for the past few days and at least the next week is varnishing. With just about everything that can be taken out the van that can be taken out, I have completed varnishing the seating area, including the ceiling, the galley is varnished apart from the ceiling, but I got the trim on the join in place so varnishing can start tomorrow. I also started on the nearside wall which has received one coat of varnish (4 more to go).

I also cut all the cupboard door back panels, and all but one of the pieces of stripwood that forms the frame around the edge of the door. Unfortunately I came up short on the stripwood by just 50cm and it comes in 2.4m lengths, still I may be able to use it for the door of the shoe locker. Thus this evening I built up the frames on all but one of the cupboard doors, I just need to fix the strengthening pads where the catches will go and then I can affix the front panels – when I’ve cut them that is.