It being Mother’s’ Day I was only afforded a short time working on the van. In fact I didn’t do anything in the van rather I got the fronts cut for the cupboard doors first thing then surreptitiously through the afternoon I got the fronts adhered to the frames I adhered to the backs yesterday. So I now have a complete set of cabinet doors ready to varnish and fit next week.

Ihave noticed that a couple of gaps have opened up between various panels where there were none before, in fact in one particular area the panel was a tight fit and had to be bowed to fit it. I suspect the problem is to do with the differential expansion of the metal van and the timber interior. At the moment I am scratching my head as to the solution to this problem.

I have been looking at the list of blogs that I follow and note that some, particularly some of those relating to self-builds have not been updated in a long time. This set me wondering as to whether the bloggers concerned have just not been updating their blogs or whether they have actually given up on their Self Build Motor Caravans. One at least I know has given up for the moment and sold his van due to personal reasons but intends to find another van and start gain in the future. As for the others, one couple has disappeared off the SBMCC members list and the others have become very silent on the forum.

All this set me wondering as to how many of the self build projects that get started fall by the wayside.