Tux is a penguin character, the official mascot of the Linux operating system kernel, this particular inflatable version stands about 2m high and is designed to fly a line laundry.

Tux takes about 5.5m of 1.5m wide black ripstop, 2.5m of 1.5m wide Yellow Ripstop and 1.5m of 1.5m white ripstop, plus sufficient white insect mesh to make the eyes. The patterns for making your own version are available for free on request, the file set contains a PDF version of the Tux pattern, which is designed to be printed on A3 paper and a Microsoft Visio version which can be viewed using the MS Visio Viewer and edited using MS Visio 2003 or later. Being open source there is no restriction on the number of Tuxes you can make or on modifications you may make to the patterns.

If you want to make your own Tux and don’t know where to source the materials then a complete kit of pre-cut parts is available which contains everything except the sewing thread, or alternatively if you want a Tux but don’t want to make Tux yourself, then he can be made up to order. Kits and completed inflatables take typically take 28 days to prepare for shipping.