Born out of a discussion at 2009 Portsmouth Kite Festival Nanuq is a near life size Polar Bear inflatable to fly from your kite line.

Nanuq first took to the air on 12th December 2009 and from the off he drew significant attention from the general public.

He measures approximately 1.5m tall at the shoulder and 2.4m from nose to tail and is constructed from 56gsm ripstop nylon fabric.

Matosapa, the North American Black Bear is the second in the flying bear series. As with Nanuq the Polar Bear this piece of inflatable line laundry is near life size measuring approximately 1.5m to the shoulder and 2.4m from nose to tail and is constructed of 56gsm Ripstop Nylon.

Given his public debut on the 15th May 2010 at the Suffolk Kite Festival, he grabbed the attention of Kiteflyers and members of the public alike.

The bears are available as ready to fly inflatables or a self assembly kits.

In addition to running the workshop online, we also do it in person for groups of up to 20 people over a weekend[1] for more information use the contact form.

[1]The workshop is normally run over two days, but a partial kit is supplied a month prior to the event so that the time consuming applique work can be completed up front. An experienced builder can complete a cub in the two days, full size bears typically take a few hours more.