After lengthy negotiations with Sanrio the rights owners for Hello Kitty, permission was finally granted for the production of this inflatable.

Development of the patterns took 3 months, and following the printing of the patterns onto a large roll of paper by Roy and Hayley at Kites Up construction took place over the 2010-11 Christmas and New Year Break.

The original plan was for Hello Kitty to make her debut at the 2011 Streatham Common Kite Festival, but circumstances dictated otherwise. Atrocious weather prevented almost all flying at the BKF Brighton Kite Festival, thus she made her debut at the Exmouth Rotary Kite Festival.

From the off Hello Kitty has proved popular with spectators who regularly request having their photograph taken with her.

Unfortunately the restrictions placed on her design and construction by Sanrio there will not be another made nor will any be made for sale.